Highway 407 East and 412 Tolls to Begin

Highway 407 412 418

The free ride is over!

Toll charges for the Highway 407 East and 412 roads are now in effect, having started February 1, 2017.

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A news release by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation on January 3 indicates that charges would begin following a free trial period. 

For those that don't have a transponder, there will be a $4.10 per trip video toll charge added to their toll fees.

Also, billing will be done by the 407 ETR, and come in one bill for all of the 407 as well as the 412 and 418 tollways.

The Next Phases

418 407 east map

The section of 407 between Harmony Road and Highway 418 (just east of Courtice) is scheduled to open in late 2017.

Highway 418 (between 407 and 401 just east of Courtice Road) and the portion of highway 407 between the 418 and highway 115 at Orono is slated for completion in late 2019.

Whitby Lobbies to Make 412 Toll-Free

While the 412 is preparing to charge tolls beginning next month, the Town of Whitby is lobbying the provincial government to have tolls removed from the 412, which goes from the 401 to the 407 just east of Lakeridge Road.

They argue that the 412 will help to alleviate congestion on the 401, and that tolls will discourage business from locating along the 412 corridor. Also, they say that the 412 will be the only link between the 401 and 407 that is tolled. They use highways 427, 410, 400 and 404 as examples of free links in the GTA.

No formal response has been made by the Ontario government at this time.


Highway 407 East, 412 and 418 Toll Rates


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