Durham Secondary School Rankings 2023

Durham Secondary School Rankings 2023

Most public schools in Durham Region are administered by the Durham District School Board. The ones in Clarington are under the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. Catholic schools are overseen by the Durham Catholic District School Board and Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board.

Ontario secondary school rankings for the school year ending in 2019 have been released from the Fraser Institute - a non-partisan, independent research and educational organization, based in Canada.  Rankings are for academic performance based upon standardized testing that is universally administered across the province.

Results during the pandemic years are not available, as the testing was not done for those years. Once results are available for post-pandemic years, this article will be updated.

Top Rated Public High Schools in Durham Region

  1. Uxbridge 7.9

  2. Donald A. Wilson (Whiby) 7.6

  3. Maxwell Heights (Oshawa) 7.3

  4. Brooklin (Whitby) 7.2

  5. Dunbarton (Pickering), O’Neill (Oshawa), Pickering (Ajax) 7.2

Top Rated Catholic High Schools in Durham Region

  1. Father Leo J Austin (Whitby) 7.5

  2. All Saints (Whitby) 7.2

  3. Archbishop Denis O’Connor (Ajax) 6.7

  4. Notre Dame (Ajax) 6.6

  5. Holy Trinity (Courtice) 6.4

  6. St Stephen’s (Bowmanville) 6.3

  7. St Mary (Pickering) 6.1

  8. Monsignor Paul Dwyer (Oshawa) 4.3

  9. Monsignor John Pereyma (Oshawa) 3.7

Oshawa - Top High Schools

  1. Maxwell Heights 7.3

  2. O'Neill 7.2

  3. R S McLaughlin 6.4

  4. Eastdale 4.5

  5. G L Roberts 3.1

top secondary schools in Oshawa

Whitby - Top High Schools

  1. Donald A. Wilson 7.6

  2. Brooklin 7.2

  3. Henry Street 7.0

  4. Sinclair 6.9

  5. Anderson 6.7

top secondary schools in Whitby

Clarington - Top High Schools

  1. Courtice 6.9

  2. Bowmanville 6.6

  3. Clarington Central (Bowmanville) 5.4

Clarington public schools are under the authority of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

top secondary schools in Clarington

Ajax - Top High Schools

  1. Pickering 7.2

  2. J Clarke Richardson 6.6

  3. Ajax 5.5

Top secondary schools in Ajax

Pickering - Top High Schools

  1. Dunbarton 7.2

  2. Pine Ridge 5.0

top secondary schools in Pickering

North Durham - Top High Schools

  1. Uxbridge 7.9

  2. Port Perry 5.6

  3. Brock 5.1

Top Secondary Schools in North Durham Region

I have summarized the details for public secondary and Catholic schools located in Durham Region in this article. Do you know what the school rankings are for the school that your children attend, or for neighbourhoods that you are considering moving to?  Contact me to get information specific to your new home search, or for other school boards and primary schools. 



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