Tiny house for sale!

Brussels Reuters_2This property in Brussels, Belgium is being auctioned on February 6, and is billed as "The smallest house in Brussels".  At just 2.75 meters wide, it's considerably 'cozier' than your average home.  The ground floor is just 1.75m (or 5 feet 9 inches) across, and it has 5 floors. It has tiny stairs connecting each of the levels, and a wood-burning fireplace on one level.8212785_600x400 This home is centuries old, having been a furniture workshop and creperie, is now tightly crammed in between a pizza shop and souvenir store.  With a size this small, you might expect to get it cheap.  The starting bid isn't as tiny as it's facade, though, at 146,200 Euro ($198, 400 CDN).