Comfort or Energy Savings When it Comes to Pets?

dogs with popcorn

BC Hydro recently conducted a survey of its customers, asking if they would leave on energy-using items for their pets when the pets were home by themselves.

This poses an interesting challenge for homeowners. Is saving energy (and money, of course) more important than the comfort of their beloved pets?

I am interested in hearing from people to hear how they feel about this conundrum. Please fill out the survey below and tell me what you leave on for your pets. I will share the results in updates to this article, including some pictures that you would care to share showing your pets being spoiled. You can send me an email with your picture, along with the names of your pet(s) and anything else you want to share.

Thank you to those who responded. It seems that we all love our pets more than just a little. Everyone responding chose to leave the heat on for their pets, with others doing much more. 

Anyway, here are the results:



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