Bowmanville Development Proposal Near New GO Train Station Could Mean Big Changes

Bowmanville Development Proposal Near New GO Train Station Could Mean Big Changes

A major development project at the corner of Highway 2 and Bowmanville Avenue could make drastic changes a reality for the local community.

Bowmanville GO high rise project

Kaitlin Group Proposal Details

The proposed development by Kaitlin Group calls for nine towers as shown in the image below.

Bowmanville nine high-rise tower proposal

It includes the following details:

  • 9 high-rise towers ranging from 30 storeys to 40 storeys

  • 3,938 suites

  • 3,048 residential parking spaces (0.77 spaces per suite)

  • 40 retail units (total of 2,700 square metres)

The proposal is for building in phases, starting with the group of 3 buildings on the south side, closest to the rail tracks. Next would be the 4 towers on the northeast section, then the two on the northwest section.

A public meeting held June 17 included a presentation by the developer, along with a number of residents voicing concerns about the scope of the project and its potential to negatively impact traffic, community infrastructure, resources and character.

Members of Clarington council also spoke at the meeting, with some echoing concerns about the size of the towers.

Some of the councillors present asked if the developer would consider lowering the height of the towers by as much as half. The consulting group representing the developer indicated that they would be flexible on the details.

Density versus Urban Sprawl

Everyone should be aware of the shortage of housing in the GTA and beyond. There has been considerable discussion about how we can get hundreds of thousands more homes built without impacting sensitive lands like the greenbelt and farmland.

On the other hand, there has also been resistance to building high-density projects like this one. 

The concept of NIMBYism (not in my backyard) is well documented. The problem is that without high-density builds, whether in existing low-density areas or by repurposing other types of lands, nothing gets built and the problems get worse.

The provincial government has passed laws that prevent municipalities from having policies that restrict development of higher-density builds, including allowing for multi-unit homes in all residential areas. 

It also has worked to speed up the approval process to allow construction to get underway faster and with fewer administrative delays.

It has also made it clear that very high-density projects must be developed close to major transit hubs, like the Bowmanville GO station, which is going right next door to this development.

Next Steps

What do you think about this proposal and the level of density planned for the area? Leave your comments below. (They will be published provided that they remain civil and on topic)

We have three more GO stations being built in the area soon. Two are being built in Oshawa and one in Courtice. No doubt we will be seeing more projects being released close to those sites in the near future.


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